Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Transportation - Truck Tankers

Stainless steel is the preferred material for truck tanker construction, because a lined tank on a mobile chassis is subjected to too much twisting and surging to allow a lining to adhere well to the basic tank structure. However, glass and synthetic resin lined tanks are now in use, and have been proven satisfactory. Linings that meet the specifications of NSF Standard 60 are also suitable for tankers. Large plastic tanks apparently won't take the vibration and bending forces. Some smaller plastic tanks are in use on trucks.

An air filter is an especially important part of the truck tank, for the tank is subjected to road dust and other airborne debris. Air pressure changes occur during travel, also. Air filters should be located near the middle of the truck tank.

This passage was taken from Norland's "Success Guide to The Bottled Water Business". To order your own copy, go to today!