Friday, May 1, 2009

How To Find Prospects - Free Water Giveaways

Consider giving away lots of free water at running road races, fun runs, bicycle races, walkathons, ground fundraising walks - anywhere there will be lots of people thirsty for a good cup of water. The pros call this "event marketing." And it works.

Put your water at any of the "aid stations" where water is handed out. Many Norland customers report that this type of exposure has proven to be extremely valuable in growing their local markets. Consistency is the key to success. After you've provided this free service for several such events, your company name will become well known to participants and sponsors alike. Hwen they become interested in adding a clooler to their business or home, they'll naturally think of you.

This passage was taken from Norland's "Success Guide To The Bottled Water Business". To learn more go to and order your own copy today.