Friday, April 24, 2009

The Cooler Business

In addition to revenues from the sale and delivery of water, the cooler business offers incremental income from the rental of coolers, the sale of associated items (cups, etc.) and the opportunity to develop synergies by offering office coffee or tea service (OCS) to commerical accounts. All of these incremental activities offer a cooler business the opportunity to be profitable.

In general, the coolers, brewers, 5-gallon bottles and coffee pots may be leased, sold, or given to the client for the client's use. In general, coolers are leased to the client, 5-gallon bottles are provided with or without returnable deposit, brewers are installed for the clients use free of charge, and coffee pots are sold directly to the client. Typically, the coolers, 5-gallon bottles and brewers remain the property of the bottler and are depreciable, "returnable" assets.

This passage was taken from Norland's "Success Guide For The Bottled Water Business". To learn how to order your own success guide go to;