Friday, February 27, 2009

Recycling........Get involved!

Bottled water companies work hard to protect the environment, and urge those that enjoy our products to do the same.

Did you know that:
  • The larger bottles found on the water cooler at home or in the office are sanitized and can be reused an average of 50 times before the bottled water company recycles them.
  • IBWA has joined forces with other food and beverage industries to encourage recycling.
  • IBWA is committed to actively participating in recycling and educating the public about the importance of recycling bottled water containers and all recyclable materials.
  • Recyclable materials are in high demand and help to create new goods out of old ones.

It is important for everyone to do their part and below you'll find where you can obtain recycling bins for your own home, office or community.

Recycling at home: For consumers that have recycling programs available through their municipality or locality, check your local phonebook to contact them and learn about recycling programs in your community and how to obtain the curbside recycing bins.

Recycling away from home: For specialized recycling bins that are made for the office, church, school or special events.

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