Monday, February 2, 2009

Norland Interntational Introduced NEW TRITON160 Automatic Bottle Washer / Filler / Capper

The TRITON160 is the newest innovation from your friends at Norland International. This top performer is a economically priced, fully automatic 3 & 5 gallon washer, filler and capper. The TRITON160 follows in a long line of tradition of quality Norland products, offering great equipment at a reasonable price. The proven technology from Norland’s TRITON450, a 450 bottle-per-hour automatic system has been utilized to make the new TRITON160 one of the most advanced small bottling lines on the market today.

The TRITON 160 was designed for the small to medium size operator, not just in terms of volume but size as well. One of the many unique features of the TRITON160 and all TRITON Series products is their ability to run 3 and 5 gallon bottles at the same time. The small footprint of the machine allows it to fit into most spaces, measuring 9.1ft (277.4cm) x 4.4ft (134.1cm) x 8.1ft (248.9cm). This allows bottlers to install the TRITON160 into a smaller area if space limitations are a concern.

When you add in the high productivity and the small space requirements of TRITON160 you have one extremely efficient piece of bottling equipment. The TRITON160 gives the bottler the capabilities to keep up with the high demands of the ever expanding market while meeting the stringent IBWA recommendations. The first TRITON160 rolled off of the Norland assembly line in January 2009.

The proud owner is Joe Devine owner of H2ecO, located in Texas. Mr. Devine called Norland and was in need of a fully automated 3 & 5 gallon machine and the TRITON160 seemed to fit his needs perfectly.

Thank you, Joe.We are looking forward to hearing how well the TRITON160 meets and hopefully exceeds your expectations.