Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bottled Water Insider, Vol. 2, No. 1, August 29, 2008

Norland International Introduces Its Freedom™ 100 Large-bottle
Blow Molder; Cuts Bottle Costs, Helps Tighten Inventory Control
Norland International introduces its new, easy-to-use stretch blow molder system that allows small bottling operations to manufacture their own bottles on-site, saving 25% to 50% on the cost of pre-blown 3- to 5-gal (12-19 L) bottles.

The Freedom™100 produces up to 100 large PET bottles per hour. This blow molder allows you to make the bottles only when you need them, eliminating vendor delivery problems, permitting tighter inventory control and reducing warehouse requirements. The easy-to-use Freedom 100 requires just one operator. Made primarily of high-quality stainless steel, the system is easy to clean and maintain. PLC controls provide precision heat control and speed for efficient, high quality bottle production.

The separate pre-heater and blow molder components are compact and simple to move about the plant. Environmentally friendly, these PET bottles are easily recycled.

Norland International also manufactures small-bottle blow molders that produce up to 4500 PET or PLA bottles per hour, depending on bottle size (up to 50 oz, or 1.5 L) and design of the bottles and capacity of the model selected. We also make all equipment needed for operating a successful bottled water operation, from pre-treatment through packaging. Check out our web site here

Choosing the Right Bottle Washer for Your Operation
When you’re looking for the right bottle washer for your plant, you should ask yourself several key questions, including: Does the model fit your plant’s production requirements? Will it integrate well with the rest of your bottle-filling production line? And does the equipment deliver washing results that follow IBWA and U.S. FDA regulations?

Well, here’s an article written by Norland International’s Bruce Kucera which gives a lot of helpful tips for choosing a bottle washer that’s just right for your operation. Read the full article here. Courtesy Water Technology magazine.

Reminder: Norland Videos Now on YouTube
You can now view full versions of four of Norland’s most asked for product videos. Previously, product videos on our web site have been limited to about 2 minutes. Now, these videos are available for full runs of up to 10 minutes. The easiest way to access these YouTube videos is to go to Norland’s web site (, click on “product videos” in the menu bar, and then click on the product video you wish to view. This automatically links you to the videos on YouTube.

Or you can go directly to YouTube and use the following links:

SpectraPak™ 5000 small bottle production line

Freedom™ 3000 Small bottle blow molder

TritonLine™ Large-bottle production line

Large-bottle RackStacker™
The case for blowing your own bottles

Norland’s Ozone Generation System Featured in Water Conditioning & Purification’s August Issue.
Norland’s new ozone generating systems--the SSOZ-25, which produces enough ozone to treat up to 25 gallons (95L) per minute, and the SSOZ-50, which treats up to 50 gallons (189 L) per minute)--is featured on Page 80 of Water Conditioning & Purification magazine’s August issue. For the online version, go here

Visit Us at the 2008 InterBev/IBWA show in Las Vegas
Plan to attend the InterBev/IBWA show in Las Vegas October 20-23, and stop by the Norland International booth, No. 501. We’ll be showing the TritonLine™450, a fully automatic washer/filler/capper system for large bottles; see;
SpectraPak 3000 small-bottle filler and capper.; and the automatic RackStacker™ for fast, safe loading of large bottles to racks; see