Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bottled Water Insider
Vol. 1, No. 13
July 28, 2008

Treating Feedwater Prior to Bottling An Essential Step
Feedwater used for bottling water must be treated effectively to eliminate a variety of contaminants. Treatments, contaminants found and the final processing of water can vary, depending on location and the source of the water, such as spring water, well water, R.O.-processed, or distillation processed. Norland engineer John Swancara has written an article specifically addressing the potential contaminants in each and suggesting the proper treatments. Click here to read the full article.
(off site link) Courtesy of Water Quality Products magazine

Norland Provides Bottled Water in Sustainable PLA Bottles for Microsoft Convention in Seattle
Norland International contracted to provide 35,000 500 ml bottles of water for Microsoft Corporation’s annual convention in Seattle this summer. In addition to handling the filling of the bottles, Norland also manufactured the bottles at its plant in Lincoln, Nebraska, using its Freedom Series blow molders customized to manufacture bottles made from PLA, a plastic resin derived from corn byproducts.

A Boulder, Colorado firm contracted with Norland to provide the bottled water, with special private labeling, which the company then provided to the Seattle Convention Center for use at the Microsoft meeting. Microsoft had been looking for an environmentally friendly package for the water it would be providing at the convention.

PLA resin that requires about 20% to 30% less energy to produce and contributes only half the carbon dioxide than PET plastics made from petrochemicals. Additionally, it can be composted as well as recycled.

For more information on PLA and Norland’s blow molders designed to handle PLA bottles, click here http://norlandintl.com/norland-freedom-series-pla-compact-blow-molding-system.asp

Visit Us at the InterBev/IBWA show in Las Vegas
Plan to attend the InterBev/IBWA show in Las Vegas October 20-23,
and stop by the Norland International booth, No. 501. We’ll be showing the TritonLine™450, a fully automatic washer/filler/capper system for large bottles; see http://www.norlandintl.com/tritonline-large-bottle-water-equipment.asp;
the semi-automatic BWF 150 for large bottles; see http://www.norlandintl.com/BF150-large-bottle-water-equipment.asp; and the automatic RackStacker™ for fast, safe loading of large bottles to racks; see http://www.norlandintl.com/rackstacker-large-bottle-water-equipment.asp

For more information on these products, visit our website at norlandintl.com

Reminder: Norland’s Popular Success Guide for the Bottled Water Business is Now Available for Instant Download
An issue or two ago we announced that our Success Guide for the Bottled Water Business is now available on our web site as an instant download. Many of you are taking advantage of this easy way to access our expert advice for getting started on the right foot in the bottled water business. The Guide is still available in its hardcopy version, of course. Just click here to order the Guide, either as an instant download or as a 3-ring bound book. With the downloaded version, you save money. http://www.norlandintl.com/store/Scripts/default.asp