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February 28, 2008

The Importance of Ozone Treatment in the Bottled Water Process
Ozone treatment of bottled waters has been an important process in the bottled water industry for about 30 years. Ozonation of the product water in the storage tanks and in the final product water fill stream into the bottles insures the consumer a safe, good tasting bottled water. Ozone has provided an efficient, safe method of disinfecting the water against water-borne microorganisms or other bacteria that may be present in the final water, the bottling equipment the final filled bottles and caps.

What Does Ozone Do?
Ozone (O3) is an unstable, colorless gas, a powerful oxidizer and a potent germicide. It is much higher disinfection potential than chlorine and other disinfectants.

Once generated, it takes ozone just a short time to break apart and return to its natural form of oxygen. As this phenomenon occurs, the free atom of oxygen seeks out any foreign particles in the water and is attracted to them. This action creates an environment where bacteria or organic matter virtually disintegrate when they come in contact with this free oxygen molecule, protecting water from waterborne bacterial contamination. To read the entire article, go here:, then scroll down to the second item, “Ozone in the Bottled Water Industry.”

Norland offers new Ozone generating system
Norland has introduced two new platform-mounted ozone systems. The units are the SSOZ-25A, which produces enough ozone to treat up to 25 gallons (95 L) per minute, and the SSOZ-50A, which can treat up to 50 gallons (189 L) per minute. Ozone is used in the bottled water industry to kill bacteria and improve the taste of the water. Both models are designed to meet IBWA-recommended ozone levels in product water. To view the brochure describing these new ozone system, go here:, then scroll down to bottom of article and click on “ozone treatment” pdf.

Stop By and See Us at WQA in Las Vegas, March 26-28—Booth #833
We’ll be exhibiting at the Water Quality Association trade show at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada USA March 26 to 28, 2008. Norland will be showing its popular SpectraPak 5000 small-bottle line, the TritonLine™ 450 large-bottle production line, The BWF 150 large-bottle system and the automatic large-bottle RackStacker™.

For more information about the WQA Aquatech USA Show, click here.

Bottled Water Insider
Vol. 1, No. 10

Pretreatment of Source Water
High on the must-do list for entrepreneurs entering the bottled water business is testing of your source water to determine what types of pretreatment will be needed to meet Food and Drug Administration and bottled water industry standards.

Norland International engineer John Swancara wrote an article for publication in Water Technology magazine that provides an excellent overview of the pretreatment process. In the article, he defines the key types of source water, which contaminants are typically found in each, and describes preferred pretreatments for each. Handy, easy-to-read tables are provided. To view the article in PDF format, click,
then scroll down to “Pretreatment of Source Water for Bottled Water Applications.”

Water Quality Show Overview
The Norland International staff has just returned from the WQA Aquatech USA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, where we showed our large-bottle plants—the BWF150, the TritonLine™ 450 plant and the RackStacker™ automatic loader-- and our small-bottle plant, the SpectraPak™ 3000. Traffic was heavy and we were happy to visit with some of you there.

We also introduced our new logo and brand message. You can see our new look in the photo to the right. And we trust you get our message: “Discover the Norland Advantage: Innovative Equipment • Expert Advice • Exceptional Service.” If you’ve been to our web site recently, you will already have seen the new look and message.

Coming up April 24-27: we’ll be at the Joint Culligan Dealers/Int'l. Convention and Product Fair in Tampa, Florida. If you’re a Culligan company, stop by and say hello.

Check out our new Ad for TritonLine™
Those of you who subscribe to the trade magazine Water Conditioning & Purification may have seen our new ad for the TritonLine™ bottling system for 3- to 5-gallon bottles. If not, click here ( and scroll down to “Print Ads” about halfway down on the firs page to view the ad on our web site. This ad will also run in the International Bottled Water Association’s Bottled Water Reporter later this spring.

Did You Know?
You can get ideas for the design of your bottling plant by taking a free look at several designs on the Norland International web site? Many of our customers ask Norland to provide plant designs for their operations. We have a number of generic layouts you can view free on our web site. Our engineers also design custom layouts to meet the unique requirements our customers may have. Check them out here

Reminder: Norland Videos Now on YouTube
You can now view full versions of four of Norland’s most asked for product videos. Previously, product videos on our web site have been limited to about 2 minutes. Now, these videos are available for full runs of up to 10 minutes. The easiest way to access these YouTube videos is to go to Norland’s web site (, click on “product videos” in the menu bar, and then click on the product video you wish to view. This automatically links you to the videos on YouTube.

Or you can go to YouTube and use the following links:

SpectraPak™ 5000 small bottle production line

Freedom™ 3000 Small bottle blow molder

TritonLine™ Large-bottle production line

Large-bottle RackStacker™
The case for blowing your own bottles

Norland Shows at Culligan Event for First Time
Norland International attended the Culligan Distributors convention in Orlando, Florida April 24. Norland’s Matt Rennerfeldt and Jon Marco staffed the company’s booth, talking with many interested attendees.

“Norland attracted a lot of attention at the show,” Rennerfeldt said. “We’ve got a number of Culligan distributors as clients already, and interest in bottled water in general and Norland equipment in particular at the show was clearly evident. Culligan dealers are learning that Norland has solutions for both the rural franchise bottler and the larger conglomerate bottlers."

InterBev 2008/IBWA Combined Show To Feature “Green Aisle”
The InterBev 2008/IBWA Combined Show this fall will feature a “Green Aisle” to provide exhibitors with the opportunity to share their environmentally-friendly innovations, services, and technologies with InterBev’s more than 4,000 expected attendees, according to an IBWA press release.

“The beverage industry has a strong record of environmental leadership. InterBev will now be a place where we can demonstrate that leadership,” said Susan Neely, president and CEO of the American Beverage Association. “Our premier trade show will be a place where the industry’s leaders and innovators come together with an eye toward the future.”

For the complete article, click here

The show is slated for October 20-23, 2008 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Norland International will be there, so stop by and say hello.

Reminder: Norland’s Popular Success Guide for the Bottled Water Business is Now Available for Instant Download
An issue or two ago we announced that our Success Guide for the Bottled Water Business is now available on our web site as an instant download. Many of you are taking advantage of this easy way to access our expert advice for getting started on the right foot in the bottled water business. The Guide is still available in its hardcopy version, of course. Just click here to order the Guide, either as an instant download or as a 3-ring bound book. With the downloaded version, you save money.