Monday, February 25, 2008

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Texas Bottler Chooses Norland for Start-up Help and Continued Growth

Norland International customer Llanos Altos LLC, in Dumas, Texas, enjoys a successful bottling business, currently producing nearly a million small bottles of water per year. The company distributes its own brand, Pure Element™ Premier Water to area convenience stores and other retail outlets.

Owner Harold Grall started the company in 2004 to take advantage of a quality water source on his land—wells that draw water 700 feet below ground from the Ogallala Aquifer that stretches below much of the Great Plains region in the central United States.

“When we decided to start the company,” Grall says, “we first thought we’d purchase used bottling equipment. But then we elected to go with Norland because they showed a genuine interest in what we were doing.”

At start-up, Grall purchased a Norland SpectraPak™3000 small bottle production line, capable of handling up to 3000 bottles an hour, water treatment equipment, ozone system, a reverse osmosis unit, and a ShrinkPak™ wrapping system.

The company has added a Freedom™1500 PET blow molder to make its own bottles, saving the expense of buying bottles from a vendor and paying to ship the empties to the Dumas plant. Norland has since installed an upgrade kit on the Freedom, making it usable to manufacture PLA (corn-based plastic) bottles, as well as PET.

Grall is looking into the possibility of using the blow molder to manufacture bottles for other companies, as well.

“We decided to go with Norland because we wanted to make sure we aligned ourselves with a company that had been in the industry a long time and had a proven record. Good
equipment is very important but the people who stand behind it are of greater importance to us.”

Norland has also worked with Grall to design a unique clear bottle with a clear label. Modifications were necessary to the SpectraPak’s labeler component. Norland replaced the standard label sensors with those that could “see” the clear labels.

Grall’s company welcomes potential Norland customers who want to see the equipment in operation. “He runs a clean, efficient operation, says Norland representative Matt Rennerfeldt. “They always come away from Dumas very impressed, and we appreciate Harold’s willingness to help us out in this way.”

Looking to the future, Grall says he will continue to look to Norland for support and advice as his company grows.

“We have learned a lot in our three years of existence but we have a ways to
go. The Norland technicians continue to help us work through our challenges and are always good at explaining things, even to us rookies.”

Norland Videos Now on YouTube

You can now view full versions of four of Norland’s most asked for product videos. Previously, product videos on our web site have been limited to about 2 minutes. Now, these videos are available for full runs of up to 10 minutes. The easiest way to access these YouTube videos is to go to Norland’s web site (, click on “product videos” in the menu bar, and then click on the product video you wish to view. This automatically links you to the videos on YouTube.

Or you can go to YouTube and use the following links:

SpectraPak™ 5000 small bottle production line

Freedom™ 3000 Small bottle blow molder

TritonLine™ Large-bottle production line

Large-bottle RackStacker™

Leasing options Help Start-up and Growing Bottling Plants Acquire their Needed Equipment

As in any business, owner-operators face a basic decision: Do we invest today's profits or our start-up cash in the equipment we need, or do we go into debt to borrow money for the equipment investment?

For a growing number of entrepreneurs, a third way has become popular. More and more small- to medium-sized bottled water operations are leasing the new equipment they need to get started or to expand their operations while the market is favorable.

To read the full article that appeared in Water Quality Products trade journal, click here.

For more information about leasing options, contact a Norland International representative. Norland works closely with a leasing company and can help you make contact with them. We also work with any leasing company that you may do business with.