Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bottling Distilled Water Pays for Itself, says Norland International Customer
Bottled water businesses often choose to purify their water using reverse osmosis technique rather than by distillation. Many believe that distillation equipment can be too costly and often won’t bring a satisfactory return on investment.

Planet Earth, the leading bottled water company in Lincoln, Nebraska, has found that while initial cost of distillation equipment may be higher than RO, it doesn’t cost much more per gallon to produce.

“Initial investment is certainly higher for distillation equipment than for RO,” says Troy Krause, Planet Earth’s manager. “But the actual costs of producing a gallon of water using the newest vapor compression style distillers from Norland International is now about equal with a gallon produced by RO.”

Krause says, Planet Earth competes on an even field with its RO competitors. “In fact,” he says, “our prices are often a little lower than theirs.”

While Krause thinks that, to the average customer, “bottled water is bottled water,” he adds, “there’s still perceived value of the product in the customer’s eye if they know it’s distilled. And, of course, some of our customers demand distilled for such uses as in scientific laboratories.

“Distillation gives us product differentiation,” Krause says. “All our competition uses RO so we can talk about the benefits of distilled water.”

His salespeople are trained to emphasize that product differentiation, Krause says: “We tell them the benefits of distilled water include a better taste, a more consistent product, and distillation removes more impurities than RO.”

By using distillation technology from Norland, he says, “we know that we’re providing our customers with the best water possible.”

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