Monday, August 6, 2007

Norland Customer Naturally Iowa Featured in International Plastics magazine

Bioplastics magazine, a Europe-based publication with a focus on sustainable packaging products and usage, featured the use PLA corn-based plastics in its second quarter 2007 issue. Editorial addressed the revolutionary PLA materials now used for manufacture bottles for dairy products, juices and water.

The issue also featured an article on the advantages of bottlers blowing their own PLA bottles, written by Bruce Kucera, Norland’s vice president and marketing director. Advantages stressed in the article included cost savings to companies that manufacture their own bottles in-house. Another important advantage of using PLA-based plastic over petroleum-based plastics is the sustainability of PLA. Corn-based, PLA is renewable and easily compostable in proper controlled facilities. Bottom line is an environment-friendly bottle.

The magazine’s cover photo features a little girl with a glass of milk from, poured from a PLA bottle manufactured by Naturally Iowa using Norland’s Freedom Series blow molders specifically adapted to make PLA bottles.

In fact, Norland engineers worked with Naturally Iowa, a processor of organic dairy products, and NatureWorksLLC, developer of the PLA formula, to design the right bottle for the company’s requirements. Naturally Iowa had been looking for special packaging that would separate them from the competition. The renewable resources of PLA was their answer.

Naturally Iowa uses Norland blow molders to manufacture in-house all the bottles it needs. Currently, the company uses Norland blow molders to make half-gallon, 10-oz. and 12-oz. bottles. For more information about Norland’s line of Freedom blow molders for PLA and PET, click here. (

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